Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Rechuuk Music Festival

Ky Mani and Rechuuk Band 1999

The winners were… Blue Lagoon Sensations.
They Gave a taste of what “ReChuuk”
Gave back in the days. They Jammed the night
away and the crowd was overwhelmed with the
joy of “MUSIC”. I congratulate these Great
Boys.  NK – Fefen —–Lead Singer Jeff Aisek -
Tonoas (Blue Lagoon)—–Back Up vocals and I
believe the Founder and Sponsor of their
Group… Also helped out a lot with the Event
Onso or something that sounded like that —–
Keyboard and Also a lead singer while singing
and playing solo… Oh there was that Little Kid I
didn’t get his name but he was also Back-up
vocals. They were a great Crowd pleaser… and
they pumped up the hearts of the ones that
wanted to have a good night out.
The O2VG crew showed real passion for music.
The lead Vocalist had a really great voice.
I would say if the Event was categorized into
Genre… I would say they won the LOCAL and
Mellow Kine Music. They were also awesome.

And then there was the Jaw Droppers… BROSISCOUS,
I mean the Girls gave what they came with
and I would say they Had the Best Voices!!! Awsome!!!
Their Little Uke player was using the kinda uke that
you buy at bernie’s store for less than $20.00 and
made it sound like it was the Uke IZ was playing in
his dying bed. Their Guitar player was using a beat
up Guitar with Tape around it. He was a true inspiration
to Music.
All together the night was a real success. The
crowd enjoyed their night out… And I would say
they got more their money’s worth. I’m proud of all
the people that coordinated the event… Julianne
Mori the President did a spectacular Job. IZI Boy
the vice president… Did an amazing Job looking out
for everything and making sure that everything was
in order. Sidney Mori the Secretary was the Night’s
Bartender besides making things happen.
The kind Sponsors were real generous with so
many gifts that were given out all through the night.
Even enjoying the night dancing deserved a present.
Truk Stop, Kurassa Store, His and Hers, Transco
(Myron Hashiguchi), Deal Fair Store, Rex Kaminanga,
AFC, Rahul of Pomika Sales, Jeff Aisek, Danny
Mersai, Roland Lomongo, T&S mart (Takin), Chuuk
State Police Department ( No Trouble at ALL… Everything
went real smooth), The Conservation Society,
Plisan Mori, Hersin Ruben… Well those are
some of the Sponsors I heard them announcing… I
believe there were more, But hey Im not a reporter
and I was not taking Notes.

All together It was a great night out for everyone thatwere there and a real “miss-out” for the ones that didn’t show up.     END

Reporting from the (-C-huuk -N-ews -N-etwork)… This is Mr. Bubbles!!! Hahahahahahha!!! See you Next Year.

From the editor:  “This is an incredible micsem forum post.”


11 Responses to “Rechuuk Music Festival”
  1. vivian says:

    wow yalls do a very good thing with this new micro thing more like chuukies….. heheh:D keep up the gewd work blue lagoon sensation nd you mah ajeng bros nk nd mak….well miss yalls much bye

  2. Jimres says:

    what an incredible night it was! thanks mr. bubbles

  3. SEFICH says:


  4. salyn says:


  5. Beige says:

    Truely, we are so blessed to have this talented kids of music and share it with all of us!!! Keep up the good work, kiddos, and let’s continue to work together for the good of our beloved country, F.S.M.

    Love and blessings to all!

  6. kaflu says:

    Rechuuk will always be remembered

  7. Very interesting entry, I look forward to the next! Thx for share

  8. Tim Bigelow says:

    Hey can anyone give me a contact for Blue Lagoon Sensations?
    I’m trying to do some music stuff in Yap, and we’d love to have them come over and rock the night for us.
    Peace Tim

  9. JR says:

    My CD of Rechuuk’s All Across Micronesia album is scratched. Where can I buy a new one?

  10. td mori says:

    man this oic makes me cry i miss my bro rechuuk i wish you could be here. with the family we miss your present

  11. Dindo Macaraeg says:


    Just wondering if the guy second to the right is Mr. 9-0 (tiwe) of the Tirow Band from round table of Lomongo Compound? He is one of my good friends. But if I am mistaken, sorry for the oversight.

    Can I request you a big favor if you get in touch with Mr. Roland Mersai Lomongo, please tell him if he can get in touch with me via facebook.

    Thanks and more power to your awesome magasine.

    Dindo C. Macaraeg
    Attn Peniesen Village
    Weno, Chuuk, FSM 96942

    ps…. I’m still here in the Philippines enjoying my vacation.

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